Gifted and Talented

Jane Gunson
Jane Gunson
G.A.T.E. Co-ordinator


At St Francis Xavier Catholic School, we identify gifted and talented children as being those who show outstanding ability and passion (or the potential) for learning, in a given field. Therefore they require differentiated learning programmes and opportunities to explore and enhance their gifts.

The Diving Deeper Programme aims to deliver a differentiated programme to provide for the learning needs of gifted and talented students.

Mrs. Jane Gunson coordinates the programme, which involves identifying gifted and talented students, providing a withdrawal differentiated programme and supporting the students and their teachers in the classroom. The Diving Deeper withdrawal programme is generously funded by the Board of Trustees. This equates to one teacher release day per week.

During the year we offer enrichment activities across the curriculum for all year groups. These are two hourly sessions each week for four to five weeks. Teachers who have a strength or passion in a curriculum area will be responsible for the delivery of those programmes. A number of St. Francis Xavier teachers teach in the Diving Deeper programme.

In 2013 the programmes children have participated in are:

    • Seaweek Magic Puppet Theatre Y5& 6,
    • Vegetable Garden Design, Construction and Planting – Y3-6.
    • Junior Dance Y 1& 2
    • Future Problem Solving Y5& 6
    • Middles Science Y 3& 4,
    • Middles Art Mosaics
    • Tikanga me Te Reo Maori Y4-6
    • DD. Band Y 3-6 and Choir
    • Maths Y 3& 4
    • ICT – Film Making – Y5& 6,
    • Agricultural Day Y6

Vege gardens

Vege gardens