Principal’s Welcome

Craig McKernan

 Our school is Catholic. We celebrate our special character and we encourage all children to “Be more like Jesus.” The gospel values of honesty, compassion, service, love, and forgiveness are our cornerstones. Our school motto is “To Love, to Learn, to Serve. Kia Aroha  Kia Akona  Kia Aro Atu.”  We walk the talk and we constantly look at ways to improve our performance.

Being involved in educating your child is hugely rewarding for all staff members at our school and therefore we are in a privileged position. Your child’s spiritual, emotional, physical, and academic development is what motivates us every day and we are grateful for the opportunity to share this journey with you.

As teachers, we share a vision for our learners and we enjoy being part of a fabulous team of committed professionals. We laugh, we teach, we strategize and we share a vision to be the best that we can be, we share the good times and the bad, we are authentic and we are family.

It is these qualities that we share with our students. We strive to give them a secure, strong start to their education and we invite parents to be an integral part of our school. It takes a village to raise a child and parent partnerships are essential. Come and share the God given talents of your child with us.

Kind regards

C J McKernan  (Dip tchg, MEdL)