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What Makes A Good Friend

Do you think a good friend should be supportive and possibly adventurous? Well yes they should be. A good friend should be kind to you, but most importantly they should be themselves. If you find a new friend that’s completely different from you don’t try to change them, let them be themselves and you might find that you were made to be best friends.

My friends are very supportive, sometimes when they’re hanging around the hockey turf they yell “Go Maria!” from the sideline. My other friend helps me with my tap dancing at school when we have to learn a new move.

I can remember when I was only 8 years old, my friend and I went on an adventure through thick bush [I still had my arm in a cast] and we came across a stream with a stone in the middle. My friend helped me to cross it,with my big bulky cast around my arm.

I have a friend that is totally, utterly,completely different from me, but we still hang out at lunch. My other friend is similar to me, but I never try to change them because I like them just the way they are.

Friends come in all different shapes, sizes, ages whatever but they’re always a friend.

By Maria

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