Absence and Attendance

School Hours

8.15am     Children come into classrooms to put homework books in desks etc.

8.45am     School begins

10.25am    Interval.

10.50am   Classes recommence.

12.30pm    Lunch.

1.20pm      Afternoon classes begin.

2.50pm     School finishes.

Teachers are often preparing lessons before school, so if they are not in their classes please report to the office if you require assistance.

Four duty teachers will supervise the children, during interval and lunchtime and after school.

Please note: Children are not to be dropped off to school before 8:00 a.m.


Parents should telephone or email the school before 8.40am if their child is to be absent or late to school. A written note is to follow every absence. This is a requirement for the Ministry of Education to ensure children are not playing truant. If children are to be absent for three days or more, it does help if the class teacher or secretary is notified in writing.

If your child is absent from school please call us on 4371039 or
Email: office@sfx.school.nz

Leaving the school grounds

Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds without a written letter requesting permission. If a child is to be collected during school time, please come via the school office if the office or class teacher has not already been informed.

The above does not apply to children on school visits.

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