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St Francis Xavier Catholic School was founded in 1995. It was built on the site of St Mary’s Primary School which was originally founded by the sisters of St Joseph in 1952.  It is for this reason that we honour Mary Mackillop (St Mary of the Cross)  and have adopted her values as a cornerstone for our school values.

Our School Charism 

The Charism (spiritual quality) of our school is based on the faith and life example of St. Mary of the Cross, who founded the Sisters of St. Joseph Order.  The main principles of her Order arose from her respect for human dignity and compassion for the poor and needy of Australasia.

  • Listen to God’s call
  • Make room for all
  • Have an attitude of gratitude
  • Do your bit

Her overriding philosophy was to “never see a need without doing something about it.”

St Mary Of The Cross  |  St Mary MacKillop
1842 – 1909

Born 7 April in Pamplona Died 3 December in Goa.  Xavier was educated at the University of Paris.  In 1529 while in Paris, he met the Spaniard Ignatius of Loyola. He and a group of others joined Ignatius to found the Society of Jesus.  Xavier first worked as a Missionary in Portugese India during 1542.  He further preached in Malacca and on the Islands of Malay Archipelago where he founded many Christian communities.  He also introduced Christianity into Japan and China.

  • He was canonised – recognised as a Saint in 1622.
  • He was declared patron of the Orient in 1748.
  • He was declared patron of the faith in 1904.
  • He was declared patron of all missions in 1927 along with the French nun Theresa of Lisieux.
  •  Navigators too honoured him as their patron.
  • His body is enshrined in the Church of Good Jesus in Goa, India.
  • His Feast day is 3 December.

St Francis Xavier
1506 – 1552