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Enrolment Information

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at St. Francis Xavier Catholic School. You will find all the information you need to know about enrolling at our school below.

Completed enrolment application forms, together with all the requested supporting documents, should be presented to the School office or posted to 1 Percy Street, Whau Valley, Whangarei.

If applying for a preference enrolment, an original Preference Certificate in the name of St. Francis Xavier Catholic School.

For any Enrolment enquiries please contact Mrs Rudolph by phone on 4371039 or email:

[email protected]


Please download our application forms at the bottom of this page.

We do not have any Non-Preference places available for this year.


Enrolment Application Form
Catholic Diocese Preference Information

Alternatively, if you would like an Enrolment Application emailed to you, please request this by clicking on the following link:

Request Application Form  [email protected]

Enrolment Form
Catholic Diocese Preference Information
Preference/Non-Preference Enrolment Information
Attendance Dues and Donations
Special Character Contribution
Attendance Dues