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Home Learning

Homework is set for children by their class teacher, where school related activities are consolidated and extended with the support and encouragement of parents/caregivers.

Homework could include

  • Home reading (particularly Juniors)

  • Learning spelling words

  • Learning basic facts for maths

  • Completion of unfinished work (if requested)

  • Research, current events

  • The gathering of resources or information for upcoming units

It is important that children do the set homework and return it to school according to their teacher’s wishes.  Homework is an opportunity for parents to support their child’s learning and it should not be onerous for either the child or their parents.  If this becomes a problem, please see the classroom teacher.

As a general guideline, homework should not exceed

  • 30 minutes for Senior School children  –   Year 5  |  Year 6
  • 20 minutes for Middle School children  –   Year 3  |  Year 4
  • No more than 15 minutes for Junior School children