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Diving Deeper Maori 

As part of our Diving Deeper programme, Mrs Wendt takes a group of  Year 4-6 children for two hour sessions over 5 weeks.  Our programme is focuses on tikanga me te reo Maori.  In the past we have made manu taratahi, puoro (clay flutes), researched Matariki and created podcasts of local Maori legends, created Maori artworks, flax flowers, and pou. We focus a lot on the significance, spiritual symbolism, tikanga in the preparation, design and creating stages.

Below is the link to our page to show our learning over the years.

Diving Deeper Maori page

Diving Deeper Art

Click the button below to see the inspirational art our talented artists have created around our school.

Diving Deeper Art

EPro 8 Programme

Our Senior School has been involved in EPro 8. All Year 5/6 get the opportunity to participate in EPro 8 activities. Click on the button below.

EPro 8 Programme


Below is a link to the Philosophy page where a group of Year 3/4 children are learning to think critically and ask deep questions about our world.

Philosophy page

Diving Deeper Robotics

Below is a link to the Diving Deeper Coding and Robotics site where a group of Year 4-6 children are learning to think critically, innovate and create using technology to solve a problem.

Robotics and Coding page