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Board of Trustees

Our newly elected Board of Trustees are:
Front Row (Left to right)
Eugene Bates (Bishop’s Representative)
Bernadette Hall(Principal)
Joanne Ashby (Chairperson)
Mary Mainland (Bishop’s Representative)
Steve Macmillan (Parent Elected)
Back Row (Left to right)
Father Peter Jansen  sm (PP)
Jacqui Taylor (Staff Representative)
Naushaba Todd-Jones (Parent Elected)
Renee Procter (Parent Elected)
Matthew van den Bosch (Parent Elected)
Susan Howell (Bishop’s Representative)
Pete Watts (Parent Elected)

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the Governance of our school.  The Board is made up of five elected members of the school community, the principal, a staff representative, and four proprietors representatives.  The Proprietor’s Representatives are appointed by the Bishop.

Our Board provides strategic guidance and a monitoring framework through which to assess the school’s progress towards strategic directions.  Board meetings are public meetings which anyone may attend.  Should the board decide that a particular matter – usually relating to student discipline or personnel – needs to be discussed privately, it can move into a ‘public excluded’ section of the meeting.

  • Student achievement, particularly for identifying students at risk and addressing barriers to achievement (NAG 1)

  • Strategic planning and school self-review (NAG 2)

  • Personnel (NAG 3)

  • Finance and property (NAG 4)

  • Health and safety, including emotional safety (NAG 5)

  • Compliance with all relevant legislation (NAG 6)