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Absence and Attendance

If your child is absent from school please call us on 09 437 1039 or complete an online report and absence form

Leaving the school grounds

Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds without a written letter requesting permission. If a child is to be collected during school time, please come via the school office if the office or class teacher has not already been informed.  The above does not apply to children on school visits.


Parents should telephone or email the school before 8.40am if their child is to be absent or late to school. A written note is to follow every absence.  This is a requirement for the Ministry of Education to ensure children are not playing truant.  If children are to be absent for three days or more, it does help if the class teacher or secretary is notified in writing.

Attendance Dues

Attendance Dues are a compulsory payment under the terms of the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975 and a condition of enrolment at St. Francis Xavier Catholic School.  Attendance Dues are charged for all students who attend Catholic Schools in New Zealand.

Attendance Dues are used to repay loans for building works done at schools in the Auckland Diocese, property related costs including school building works, buildings insurance and costs directly associated with the administration of attendance dues.

Attendance Dues are collected by St. Francis Xavier Catholic School on behalf of the school’s Proprietor, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland.  The attendance dues collected by St. Francis Xavier Catholic School are forwarded to Auckland Common Fund Limited, a company established by the proprietors of Catholic integrated schools in the Diocese of Auckland responsible for the collection of attendance dues.

Attendance Dues can be paid in full at the beginning of the school year, per term or by regular instalment.  More information is available from St. Francis Xavier Catholic School office on attendance dues if you require further information or need any assistance.