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Support Programmes

We run many programmes for a diverse ability of children.  These programmes support children’s learning and work alongside normal classroom programmes. They are programmes that are differentiated to suit the particular needs of the child.

Leasa Hirst
Leasa HirstE.S.O.L. Teacher and Reading Recovery Teacher

Reading Recovery

Leasa Hirst is our Reading Recovery Teacher.  This is an intense 1-1 reading programme for 20 weeks to help children attain a level which is at the national standard expectation for their Year group.  Children must be six years old before they can be considered for Reading Recovery.  This is a Ministry Initiative and only 4 children have the opportunity to work on Reading Recovery at any one time.  Children are seen daily for half hour sessions, and there is an expectation that they will complete follow up homework daily.


Leasa Hirst is our E.S.O.L. Teacher.  Currently, we have over 13 different ethniticities in our school, many are new immigrants to New Zealand with little or no English. Our E.S.O.L. programme is funded by the Ministry.  Sessions are run with small groups of children who may come from similar ethnic backgrounds or who have a similar command of English.  The programme is designed to help children cope within the classroom environment.  To understand instructions, and to encourage them to convey their thoughts, opinions, needs, and to converse with their peers.  It is literacy based with a strong emphasis on oral language. Where possible, Leasa will incorporate immersion activities based on the current concept so the children gain a better understanding of the topic.

Talk to learn

Children work in small groups with our learning assistants.  This programme is designed to encourage children who have difficulty expressing themselves and need to improve their listening skills.  Children are encouraged to talk about their personal experiences, follow directions, or listen to a book and complete related activities.

Alphabet Group

This programme is for children who do not know their alphabet.  It teaches children the letter names, sounds, and they practice writing the letters.  This is taken by our learning assistants.

Quick Sixty

This is a structured reading programme for children who may be reading below the expected reading level for their year group.  Children are supervised by our Learning Assistants.  Children from Years 3-6 have the opportunity to work on the Quick Sixty programme.


Children may also get the opportunity to participate in Cooking sessions.  These programmes are for all age groups.  Children are selected for a variety of reasons- to boost their self-confidence, relate positively to others, follow instructions, work cooperatively in small groups, be involved in practical hands-on activities and build life skills.  The programmes are planned by our learning assistants.

Steps Programme

This is a research-based literacy software programme for all ages. It covers five key aspects of literacy, comprehension, vocabulary, reading fluency, phonics knowledge and phonological awareness.  STEPS groups are run by our teacher aides and it is also available on some classroom ipads.  The teacher aide and class teacher work together to monitor these students’ progressions.