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Financial Contributions

Welcome to St. Francis Xavier Catholic School. To assist families, we have the option of automatic payments throughout the school year to cover all charges and contributions. To assist you in determining how the annual account is proportioned we have explained the various charges below.

Yearly Fees

Type 1 Child 2 Children 3 Children
Attendances Dues $ 516.00 $ 1032.00 $1548.00
Special Character Contribution $  60.00 $ 120.00 $  180.00
Proprietors Capital Development Donation $  35.00 $   70.00 $    70.00
Total Cost For The Year $611.00 $1222.00 $1798.00

The account can be paid in full, or paid off during the year, by cash, eftpos or direct credit, but must be paid no later than the 1st December 2024. Our school bank details are at the end of this letter and also appears on your fee statement.

When making automatic payments for your child’s fees
Our School Direct Credit details St. Francis Xavier Catholic School  ASB  Account Number 12-3101-0077924-00
Please ensure you put your child’s name as a Reference


The Year 3-6 children will have 8 lessons at the Aquatic Centre with the Swim Magic instructors in Term 1. We are very grateful to the Oxford Trust Grant for their support of this programme. There is no swimming charge this year due to our school electing for the School Donation Scheme.

Attendance Dues:

School Attendance Dues are collected by the school on behalf of the Proprietor, the Catholic Diocese of Auckland. The Attendance Dues have been set at $129.00 per term per child. Please note that the Attendance dues are a condition of enrolment of your child at our school and are a legally enforceable charge. We pay these dues to the Diocese of Auckland, for school buildings, property development and other costs.

Proprietor’s Special Character Contribution:

This is a voluntary payment of $15.00 a term for each student. It pays for the work done by the Catholic Education Services Board staff. These services include professional development for teachers teaching Religious Education, the external Catholic Special Catholic Reviews of schools, support for Principals, teachers and Board of Trustees in Catholic Special Character matters.

Your contribution to this important work is greatly appreciated and it will assist your child to receive an education based on Gospel values in a Catholic faith community. This is not covered under the School Donation Scheme as the funds raised are on behalf of the Proprietor.

Proprietor’s Capital Development Donation:

This donation will assist the development of new capital projects such as our new playground development. The funds are deposited in our Proprietors Account and can be drawn on to build new facilities for our students. This donation is not covered under the School Donation Scheme.

Parent Donation:

In 2019, the Government offered schools free fees for children and the Board of Trustees accepted the offer. We will no longer request Parent Donations or RE Resource costs. Additionally, parents will no longer be asked for payment towards school trips and some shows. If you would like to know more about the scheme please follow this link: releases/schooldonations/

Contact Details:

Do we have your current contact details? Last year, we minimized the time spent phoning parents in the event that their child had not arrived at school. Should this be the case you will receive a text or occasionally a phone call. In the event of an emergency at school or if a school-wide communication is required then a text will be sent to all parents alerting them of the issue. Your current details are necessary for this system to be effective. Please contact us if your home/work situations have/will change.


The P.T.F.A have allocated funding to the Board of Trustees to help pay for various capital items, E.O.T.C and school shows. This donation has been possible due to fundraising efforts such as raffles and the School Gala. We thank you and the P.T.F.A for assisting us to raise this money so we can now pass some of the benefit on to you. Membership is open and you are very welcome to join the P.T.F.A.

Pastoral Care:

On a more personal note, please contact the school office if you have any problems with these charges. Your enquiry will be treated with utmost CONFIDENCE. There is assistance available for preference families who may have difficulty paying Attendance Dues. Please contact the Principal, the Office Manager, Deborah Rudolph or our Parish Priest if you need any information about this support.

If, you are interested in sponsoring or supporting one of our families with the payment of Attendance Dues or school donations please contact Mr. McKernan or Mrs. Rudolph.