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Financial Contributions

As part of being a member of a Catholic School Community, there is a financial commitment required from families to ensure the provision of an excellent Catholic education in a well cared for environment.

Yearly Fees

Type1 Child2 Children3 Children
Attendances Dues$430.00$ 860.00$1290.00
Special Character Contribution$  50.00$ 100.00$  150.00
Proprietors Capital Development Donation$  35.00$   70.00$    70.00
Parent Donation$  40.00$   80.00$  120.00
Religious Education Resource$     6.70$    13.40$    20.10
Total Cost For The Year$561.70$1123.40$1650.10

When making automatic payments for your child’s fees
Our School Direct Credit details St. Francis Xavier Catholic School  ASB  Account Number 12-3101-0077924-00
Please ensure you put your child’s name as a Reference


We have enjoyed a school based water safety programme for the children.  The portable pool has been so successful these past years, we will continue the programme again this year, from New Entrants to our Year 4 students.

The Year 5-6 children will continue to have lessons at the Aquatic Centre.  The cost this year for swimming tuition still remains at $40.00, not included in the above total.  This will enable all children to have 8 lessons with the Swim Magic instructors.  The actual cost of swimming is $52.00 but we are grateful to the Board of Trustees for their generous subsidy.

If your child(ren) is/are in Years 5-6 the $40.00  will be added to your school account.  Payment of swimming lessons would be greatly appreciated before the end of the term, so that we can settle our account with the Aquatic Centre and the bus company.

Catholic Schools Office

The $107.50 attendance dues paid to the Catholic Schools Office is for the repayment of building loans on the Catholic Schools in the Auckland Diocese, the general upgrade and insurance of school buildings and administration of the CSO.

All amounts are collected by St Francis Xavier as an agent and are passed directly through to the CSO.  All Catholic Schools throughout New Zealand are subject to the same charges.  These dues are compulsory as part of your commitment to catholic education.

Building Fund

The purpose of this fund is to enable further development of St Francis Xavier Catholic School.  As St Francis Xavier is an integrated school, it will be the Bishop of Auckland (effectively as trustee for the Parish) to whom any payments to the building fund will be treated as being made.  This contribution is voluntary.
The Building Fund supports the loan against the new school hall and any future building.


Yearly accounts are posted to every family in Term 1. Financial contributions may be paid per term, or for the full year by credit card, cheque or by automatic payment spread over 11 months.

Special Character Contribution

This is a voluntary payment of $12.50 a term for each student.  It pays for the work done by the Catholic Education Services Board staff.  These services include professional development for teachers teaching Religious Education, the external Catholic Special Catholic Reviews of schools, support to Principals, teachers and Board of Trustees in Catholic Special Character matters.

Your contribution to this important work is greatly appreciated and it will assist your child to receive an education based on Gospel values in a Catholic faith community.

Proprietors Capital Development Donation

This donation will assist the development of new capital projects such as our St. Joseph’s room. The funds are deposited in our Proprietors Account and can be drawn on to build new facilities for our students.

Parent Donation

The parent donation is $40.00 this is used to supplement government funding with a focus upon enhancing the children’s learning.  You can claim a tax rebate on this donation.  The Board of Trustees have increased the donation by $2.50 each term to help recover increasing costs.

Religious Education Resource

The delivery of the Religious Education programme is in digital format.  The cost to schools is $6.70 per pupil and your donation would be much appreciated. The donation is already on your school fee statement.

Pastoral Care

On a more personal basis, please contact the school office if you have any problems with these charges.  Your enquiry will be treated with utmost CONFIDENCE.  There is assistance available for preference families who may have difficulty paying Attendance Dues.  Please contact the Principal, the Office Manager, Deborah Rudolph or our Parish Priest if you need any information about the assistance available.  If however, you are interested in sponsoring or supporting one of our families with the payment of Attendance Dues or school donations please contact Mr. McKernan or Mrs. Rudolph. Alternatively, you could complete the tear off slip below and return it to school.