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About Our School

Our School Provides

  • A safe and inclusive learning environment

  • Extensive computer facilities

  • Special needs and extension programmes

  • Leadership opportunities for students

  • After-school care programme

  • Close association with Marist Sports Club

  • We celebrate Mass, Liturgies, Special Feast Days and the Sacraments. 

  • We run the Sacramental Programme

  • Extension programmes for gifted learners

  • Intensive English as a second language programmes

  • Kapa Haka sessions

  • He Kakano programme (for children starting school)

  • Enviro club

  • Music and technology programmes

Our Learners  Our Staff Special Programmes
Students use the latest e-learning tools and strategies to become skilled 21st century learners. Know individual children and their families well. ESOL
Literacy and numeracy are given a high priority in class programmes. Provide attractive, language-enriched learning environments. Gifted and talented
Children are enthusiastic and eager learners with high expectations of their teachers. Help children take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour. Literacy and Numeracy support

The joy of learning is promoted
at our school

The arts are valued at St Francis Xavier Catholic School

Children are regularly involved in Liturgies and Masses

We enjoy a close partnership with
St. Francis Xavier Parish

The school enjoys many EOTC opportunities

Our students participate in a range of sporting activities