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Our Vision

Vision Statement
“Uniting through Christ, Embracing Mana, Enhancing Futures.”

In 2017 the Board of Trustees, staff and PTFA worked to identify a new vision for our school. It was a fabulous collaborative experience and resulted in a school vision that we believe will take us forward.

Each statement has a set of strategies to achieve this goal.  These are exciting times and we are keen to look at the possibilities that this vision statement will offer us.

Uniting through Christ

  • To affirm our Catholic Special Character.

  • To develop a Christ-centred Catholic community.

  • To teach and live the Catholic values including tolerance, love, respect, relationships and humility for all.

  • To uphold our bi-cultural and then our multicultural partnerships.

Embracing mana

  • To respect each individual’s mana regardless of their culture, ability or gender and treat them with dignity.

  • To learn with independence and initiative.

  • To improve individual’s self-worth and develop their strengths.

  • To create enthusiastic, resilient and successful students so that they can succeed in life.

Enhancing futures

  • Enable children to achieve academic excellence and provide tools to enhance innovative thinking and creative problem solving.

  • To develop children so that they will have the skills to make a valuable contribution to our society and local and global communities.

  • To give children skills so that they can develop intellectually, emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially.

  • To empower children to be the next generation of guardians for the world’s environment. Kaitiakitanga.