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Our Concepts

In 2009 the release of the new New Zealand Curriculum opened up opportunities for schools to design their own curriculums to suit the needs of their children and communities.

As a staff, we talk about the needs of our children and identify concepts which we feel will allow them to learn about the world they live in and develop a range of skills to take with them into their lives beyond our school grounds.

Each term we have a theme or concept for our learning.  It is based on one of the curriculum areas and will have a major focus such as…social studies, science, technology, education for sustainability, or the arts.  Where possible literacy, numeracy and Religious Education are integrated within our concepts.  Our concepts are based on a three year cycle.  We may visit a concept again in 3 years time, however it could have a different curriculum focus.

In each of the concepts the learning is built around two core enduring understandings.  One for curriculum knowledge and one for Religious Education.  The inquiry approach is offset by the use of essential questions, and children are encouraged to be 21st century learners through using technologies to research, present and share their learning.

Our concept this term is Hauora.  It is connected to our overarching concept for the year which is “Kaitiakitanga.”

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