Ripper Rugby


This week Paul, Bruce and Justice have been coaching Years 3-6 in Ripper Rugby. There is an inter-schools ripper rugby tournament at Kensington on Thursday. Go SFX!!!!

Hockey Skills


We are very fortunate that our school is next to the Hockey Stadium. All classes had the opportunity to participate in hockey skill sessions wit Brad from Northland Hockey. Brad is an excellent coach and our skills certainly improved over the 4 hockey sessions.



Another activity in our rotation was kayaking. The children’s confidence grew immensely and by the second rotation they were extremely skilled. Some groups even made a human raft with their kayaks and children had to walk across them to swap positions.



There are little sailboats where children can experience what it is like to sail on the high seas!!! One of the highlights of our camp was when we challenged some of the fathers to a sailing race. (hint… the heavier you are the harder to sail!!) The seas were smooth but the wind was slight- […]